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  Echt coole Truppe 
Geschrieben von: Toni
am 07.08.2011
um 19:18

  SNC download Flyer 
Geschrieben von: Michael
am 06.08.2011
um 19:18


Geschrieben von: Herby
am 06.08.2011
um 06:57
Hello club members,
first i must aplogize for writing in english, my german is not good enough to communicate clearly when i should write, i speak german a little bit.
I am german and live in california since 1953 and also have a place here in Laufamholz
i have a few question please,
1- must a person be a member to be at one of your meetings?
2- to be accepted in your club must a person have an oldtimer here in Germany (mine are all in calif)
I hope someone replys via email today - I would like to see your cars and talk oldies.
Thank You.

Kommentar vom SNC-Team:
[color=red]Hello Herby,

1- no membership required or available
2- We are not a club, but just a large handful of U.S. car and classic car fans. Come to the meeting place and talk with us. We look forward to seeing you.

best regards[/color]


Geschrieben von: Pick-up Erwin
am 24.07.2011
um 21:12

  Sondercruise zum Deutsch-Amerikanischen Volksf... 
Geschrieben von: RocketServiceMa...
am 18.07.2011
um 22:01

  Mustang zu verkaufen 
Geschrieben von: Micha S.
am 04.07.2011
um 22:40

  Mustag zu verkaufen 
Geschrieben von: Alexander Schwe...
am 04.07.2011
um 15:28

Geschrieben von: Micha S.
am 02.07.2011
um 14:47

Geschrieben von: Dani
am 26.06.2011
um 22:10

Gibts dann dahin auch wieder einen Cruise? Also zum Volksfest?  

Geschrieben von: Dani
am 23.06.2011
um 18:52


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